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November 2008

Country Profile India

India faces direct threat from the extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. Its coastal areas are heavily populated and megacities like Kolkata and Mumbai will take the full impact of a sea-level rise. Although rain levels have remained constant during the monsoons of recent years, the number of extreme rainfalls during the rainy season has risen, causing landslides and flooding, and ruining crops and harvests. At the other extreme, India also experiences periods of drought and these have disastrous effects on farming and livestock husbandry.

The CDM is thus of huge importance to India. Along with China and Brazil, India is one of the three countries with the greatest number of registered CDM projects. It has 356 registered projects and 642 projects are in the validation phase (as of August 2008). Of these, the largest fraction (about a third) are biomass projects, with wind power projects the next largest group. The projects awaiting validation reflect a similar trend: biomass projects are the most dominant project type (around a quarter), again followed by wind power projects. The remainder involve energy efficiency projects in industry.

A study conducted as part of the GIZ CDM India Project – GIZ is a German development cooperation agency – shows the greatest potential in renewables (agricultural waste, hydropower and wind power), energy efficiency in electricity generation and in the chemicals industry and aluminium production.

India’s DNA, the National Clean Development Mechanism Authority (NCDMA), began its work in December 2003. An arm of the Indian Environment Ministry, it uses its website to publish background information on India’s CDM projects, the project proposal requirements and the project approval procedure. For more information see the fact sheet on India published by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) below.

The India-EU Strategic Partnership Joint Action Plan was launched in September 2005 and is designed to foster CDM-related cooperation between the EU and India. Seminars and expert meetings are used to encourage European businesses to conduct CDM projects in India.

Along with China, Brazil and the MENA region, India plays a key role in the German government’s CDM/JI Initiative. The idea is to build networks in each of these countries in an effort to nurture close and regular contact with local businesses, government agencies and other actors.

GTZ is setting up the networks on behalf of the German Environment Ministry. Country experts provide support for interested project developers in Germany. The country expert for India is Mrs. Pamposh Bhat ( pamposh.bhat@gtz.de).


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