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April 2007

Country Profile: Morocco

Morocco FlagWith three CDM projects already registered, Morocco has recognised the opportunities to be had from the Kyoto mechanisms. Two wind power projects and a solar energy project promise savings of 1,371 ktCO2 by 2012.

As the host of the Seventh Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention (COP 7) in Marrakech, Morocco demonstrated that in matters of climate policy, it is one of Africa’s most committed countries. This no doubt results from its own experience with climate change: desertification, dwindling water reserves, loss of forest area, recurring droughts and flooding are wreaking havoc in this North African state.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Morocco introduced its National Environment and Sustainability Strategy and National Environment Action Plan as early as 1995. The key area of focus in Moroccan environment policy are water, desertification and air pollution. Following a ministerial decision of 18 September 2002, the Moroccan DNA was assigned to the Climate Change Services sub-division of the environment ministry.

The Moroccan government has set itself the goal of supplying electricity to the country’s rural areas. Growing demand for electricity and high import quotas for both primary and secondary energy have intensified government interest in renewable energy: by 2020, the share of renewables in electricity generation is to be increased to 20 percent. The government has also stressed its hopes that the CDM will make a significant contribution towards complying with the National Environment Strategy and pave the way for sustainable development. Morocco will thus give priority to those sectors who wish to use the CDM to improve socio-economic and environmental conditions in the country.


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