It often takes a little time to become familiar with using the Internet. One of the questions asked by many users is how to find what they are looking for.

Each page of the JIKO website has a menu on the left. This is the main menu. Clicking on some menu items opens a submenu. For example, clicking on \'Introduction to CDM and JI\' opens a submenu of pages containing basic information on the Kyoto mechanisms. The pages on the JIKO website are grouped into two main sections: \'Background Information\' with the theoretical background, and \'Project Developer Service Platform\' with specific information on carrying out CDM/JI projects.

Besides navigating the website by using the menu, you can also search for information on it by using the \'Search\' box at the top right of every page. Type one or more words in the box and click the \'OK\' button beside it. A list is displayed, showing pages that contain the word or words you typed. To open one of the pages in the list, click its title. The more general your choice of word or phrase, the more pages will be listed. You can also make your search more specific. For example, you can search for an exact phrase by typing it in quotation marks (e.g. "Kyoto mechanisms"). The search will then only return pages containing the phrase exactly as you typed it.

Another navigation aid is the sitemap. There is a link to this at the bottom right of every page. The sitemap is a structured list of all topics and subtopics on the website.

If a search or the sitemap do not lead you to what you are looking for, please send us an email. We will be happy to help.

The JIKO website is also available in a text-only version. This is not provided to ensure barrier-free accessibility, but is useful for users who prefer to view the pages without images for faster loading. The address of the text version of the JIKO website is www.jiko-bmub.de/text.

The JIKO Editorial Team