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How does the notepad work?

You can use the notepad to compile a personalised list of favourites. If you find an interesting article on the BMU website you can click on the "notepad" picture at the end of the page. The article will be added to your personal notepad. Clicking on the "notepad" at the bottom left of the page will call up your personal notepad. From there you can directly open, delete, print or, after entering an email address, email one or more articles.

As the notepad is a personalised element you have to activate your browser to accept cookies in order to save it. Please note the following information and refer to our privacy policy statement.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a record for the storage or archiving of information that can be passed between a web server and a browser. When a website is accessed, data or information on page views can be stored in the cookie.

Activating cookies

In Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • click on tools/internet options
  • click on the "security" tab
  • click on "custom level"
  • set "allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and "allow per-session cookies" (not stored) to "enable"
  • click "ok" to close both windows. Confirm with "yes" where applicable
  • press F5 to reload the page

In Netscape Navigator

  • click on edit/preferences
  • click on "advanced"
  • click on "accept all cookies"
  • close the window by clicking "ok"
  • press F5 to reload the page