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September 2011

Germany’s CDM/JI Initiative

With its CDM/JI Initiative, the German Environment Ministry builds on existing cooperation activities with CDM/JI host countries. The initiative supports and fosters involvement of German business in carbon reduction projects worldwide.

Targeted measures expand the range of uses for CDM/JI in sectors which although not covered by the carbon market so far are of great value in global efforts to mitigate climate change. Networks are designed to help overcome barriers to investment in areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. This gives German business better access to investment opportunities, builds capacity in host countries and opens up previously neglected sectors (such as transport and private households) to the CDM.

Country Units Facilitate Networks

Focusing on selected countries like Brazil, India, Uganda and the MENA Region (Middle East/North Africa), the aim is to establish a basis for CDM and JI projects in countries with exceptional CDM potential. Reliable relations are established with CDM project developers and host country decisionmakers: the German Environment Ministry has commissioned development organisation GIZ to set up CDM country units in these focal countries. In setting up the networks, German participants are offered a point of contact, information, workshops, B2B meetings and topical roundtable talks.

Promoting Programmes of Activities

With its PoA Support Center Germany, which is run by KfW as part of the CDM/JI Initiative, the German Environment Ministry aims to boost the use of Programmes of Activities (PoAs). The programmatic approach to the CDM is designed to exploit potential for carbon reduction projects that cannot be conducted as stand-alone CDM projects on grounds of cost.

Strategic Fields of Action

The CDM market has proven its worth in recent years, producing clear patterns that illustrate the CDM’s strengths and weaknesses. Despite the obvious economic incentive, specific climate change mitigation potential in areas such as energy efficiency is not being adequately exploited. The reasons can often be apportioned to the small scale of the projects involved, the organisability of project potential, deficits at methodological level and process-related requirements. Under the CDM/JI Initiative, the German Environment Ministry has commissioned a number of projects which are designed to make the existing CDM process more effective in mitigating climate change.

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