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Kyoto Mechanisms zum deutschen Text: German Federal Ministry for the Environment CDM/JI Portal

German Federal Ministry for the Environment CDM/JI Portal

This website provides information on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and on Joint Implementation (JI), two of the flexible mechanisms agreed under the Kyoto Protocol in efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
The site primarily addresses an audience with prior knowledge of the international climate change regime. An introduction to international climate change policy can be found, for example, on the Federal Ministry for the Environment website.

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Climate Change and Trade Fairs zum deutschen Text: Carbon Expo explores carbon market trends

Carbon Expo explores carbon market trends

The Carbon Expo – the leading international trade fair for emissions trading, carbon abatement solutions and clean technologies – takes place in Cologne, Germany from 28 – 30 May 2014. Over the three days, decision-makers, project developers and investors will explore current trends and future opportunities for the Kyoto Protocol’s market-based mechanisms. As in previous years, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) will host a joint stand for exhibitors from Germany. more

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14th CTI Workshop zum deutschen Text: Complex challenges of making building sector more climate friendly

Complex challenges of making building sector more climate friendly

Under the title "Dealing with complexity - the role of carbon market instruments, financing and regulation for reducing the global building sector\'s climate impact" the 14th Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Workshop was held in Berlin on 26 / 27 September. During the two-day event, policy experts, decision makers, scientists and representatives of financial institutions working on energy efficiency in buildings, carbon market instruments and "green" building sector met. Sixty participants from 22 countries, many of whom are already part of the CTI Workshop "community", took advantage of the interesting presentations and discussions for obtaining new knowledge and networking. more

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WORKSHOP zum deutschen Text: Expert Discussion Session on Stabilising the CDM Market

Expert Discussion Session on Stabilising the CDM Market

Against the backdrop of dwindling prices for emission certificates from CDM projects and the risk of destabilisation of the global carbon market, the Federal German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), with support from the Wuppertal Institute, held an expert discussion session on 20 June 2013 on the subject of Approaches to Stabilise the CDM Market. The main focus of the discussion was to identify the options available to safeguard and maintain CDM institutions and expertise in order to enhance the CDM and establish new market-based mechanisms for use in a climate change regime beyond 2020. The Wuppertal Institute summarized the main results of the debate in a workshop evaluation, which is available now. more

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CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISMS zum deutschen Text: New Study Analyses Ways to Support CDM

New Study Analyses Ways to Support CDM

Against the background of the current market crisis, a new study analyses the actual price vulnerability of projects and identifies various financing and project type opportunities for project developers and for (institutional public) investors who intend to support the CDM project continuation and the further development of the CDM framework. The study also shows how the current regulatory framework of the CDM can be maintained by transferring it to future mechanisms. The CDM can provide useful components to currently discussed or tested instruments such as the NMM, the FVA, NAMAs or results-based financing approaches. more

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Publications zum deutschen Text: Prerequisits for Ambitious New Market Mechanisms

Prerequisits for Ambitious New Market Mechanisms

New Market Mechanisms (NMM) are meant to contribute to net mitigation effects beyond offsetting. As currently several institutions are developing NMM pilot projects, it will be important to test how NMMs can effectively support the goal of net emission reductions. A recent JIKO policy paper assesses different options to implement such environmental ambition in a sectoral crediting scheme. Discounting schemes, for example, offer the benefit of rewarding mitigation actions from the first tonne saved. However, this method is less suitable to move to high ambition as mitigation actions with higher costs may become unprofitable sooner than within other approaches. more

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PROGRAMMES OF ACTIVITIES zum deutschen Text: New PoA Assistance Tool launched

New PoA Assistance Tool launched

A new Information and Assistance Platform for developers of CDM Programmes of Activities (PoA) has been launched. The web based tool aims at addressing the most crucial needs of developers and implementers of PoAs. It provides ample resources on PoAs and a Q&A section in which experts from South Pole and Perspectives respond to stakeholders’ enquiries. A series of webinars will be conducted, covering the most important aspects of PoA development, implementation and management.

CDM & JI Manuals

Download the DEHSt CDM & JI Manuals. more.

German Activities on the JI/CDM Market

Profiles of German companies active on the CDM/JI markets. more