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Stand: Oktober 2011

CTI-Workshop "Climate Policy Challenges and Opportunities for the Building Sector"

 Präsentation Referent / Institution

"CDM - experiences from the building sector" Carsten Warnecke, ECOFYS
"Public Buildings Energy Efficiency Program (PEEEP)" Pamela Mellado M., AChEE
"Current Practice, Constraints, and Opportunities of Developing and Financing Energy Efficiency Measures in the Building Sector: Thailand Experiences" Dr. Pattana Rakkwamsuk, SEEM
"Nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) – an introduction" Martina Jung, ECOFYS
"NAMAs in the building sector – developments to date, barriers and activities - sustainable housing public policy Mexico" Jorge Wolpert, CONAVI
"Facilitating Future NAMAs Through an Integrated Policy Framework" Pierre El Khoury, The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation
"How to develop a NAMA by scaling-up ongoing programmatic CDM activities" Thomas Forth, BMU
"Efficiency Measures, Policies and Financing in the Building Sector" Tanmay Tathagat, Environmental Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd
"Drivers of the Energy Efficiency Measures in the Turkish Building Sector" Dr. Yurdakul Yigitgüden, Consultant / Former Under-Secretary of Energy
"Low Carbon Metropolis - Tokyo’s Climate Change Measures" Satoshi Chida, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
"The German experience on energy savings in buildings" Klaus Dilmetz, BMVBS
"India Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings" Dr. Claudia Loy, KfW
"BOS ́s energy efficiency programme in buildings - factors of good practice" Emil Wróblewski, BOS / Michael Ruffing, KfW
"Energy Efficiency measures in the building sector – what are the success factors?" Fernando Perrone, Eletrobras
"Promoting Energy Efficiency in China Building Sector - Lessons learned" Pan Zhiming, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
"Financing instruments – Key principles and preconditions" Sven Schimschar, ECOFYS